After the Diagnosis & The Grandparent Connection

After the Diagnosis & The Grandparent Connection


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Parents and grandparents aren’t given a roadmap when they get a disability diagnosis for their child. They aren’t given a shoulder to lean on, or peers to share the journey with.

During this 4-hour seminar we will give caregivers and grandparents space to share their feelings about the child’s diagnosis, give them strategies to cope with stress, discuss disability pride and culture, and give them time to connect with peers in their community.

Caregivers can attend without grandparents or can come together. Grandparents will participate in The Grandparent Connection which will occur at the same time, in a separate classroom at Ability 360.

During this time children can participate in the Max in Motion event occurring at ability 360 from 9-1. You can get more information here: If your child requires 1:1 support at the Max in Motion event please email Michele at with the subject line 1:1 support Max in Motion.


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After the Diagnosis

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The Grandparent Connection

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