About Us

Care 4 the Caregivers was founded in 2019 by Michele Knowlton-Thorne.  As a parent of two children who have been diagnosed with autism, she created the community as an empowerment society for mothers of differently abled children.

Under her leadership the implementation of Care 4 the Caregivers has flourished, including the evolution toward adding a mobile app to the suite of services and ease of access for the mom who needs deeper self-care and has only a window of 15 minutes to do it.  Whether she needs to meditate, do yoga, recenter herself or brush up on a webinar series from the comfort of home rather than having to find care and support so she can attend a conference elsewhere, she can.

To learn more about the origin story of our history please visit: History of Care 4 the Caregivers

Care 4 the Caregivers is always looking to offer work opportunities mothers of differently abled children who are looking to help and give back to this community. For opportunities and inquiries contact info@care4thecaregivers.com.

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