Our Core Values

Since we began Care 4 the Caregivers has always been grounded in real life experience, vulnerability, consistency and empathy for caregivers of children with disabilities who themselves face tremendous physical and emotional challenges. Our mission is simple: provide quality emotional, physical and educational support to caregivers who have to keep themselves healthy and whole so that they can provide their children with the care they need. We achieve that mission by keeping these core values at the center of everything we offer:

  • Every parent’s journey has value 
  • We believe in empowerment through education
  • We know that resiliency is built through self-care
  • We are a community where everyone belongs

Vision Statement

Improve the experience of raising a disabled child, strengthen families, shift the perspective of disability and create equality in the greater community.

Mission Statement

Care 4 the Caregivers is committed to creating a space where caregivers are seen and supported. The organization strives to reduce caregiver burnout and build resilience by providing mental health support, resources, education, and connections to the community. Additionally, we further our mission by educating professionals serving our community, encouraging them to adopt a more holistic approach to care.

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