Care 4 the Caregivers does something no other charity does; it focuses only on the health and wellness of the caregivers raising a child with a disability. Why? Because when people take on a caregiving role, it comes with additional stressors other parents don’t have. Caregivers must learn how to navigate different systems of care, take their children to various doctor and therapy appointments, quit their careers, and often become isolated from their friends and families. This isolation usually leads to PTSD-like symptoms, which have negative consequences for the caregiver and for the child. 

Our mission at Care 4 the Caregivers is to help those who are often overlooked. To provide quality emotional, physical, and educational support to these caregivers who themselves face tremendous physical and emotional challenges. They must keep themselves healthy to provide their children with the care they need to thrive.

We would like to invite you to help us solve the problem of caregiver burnout. Together, we can continue to further the advances in specialized services and support that empower the caregivers of children with special health care needs and disabilities.  We can grow our advocacy efforts and events in the community and continue expanding our educational resources platform.

Thank you for opening your hearts and helping us to grow.

*** Care 4 the Caregiver (DAMES Charities Inc) is also an Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization. Arizona residents can get a dollar-for-dollar refund on their state income tax. Individuals can get a 100% refund of $421, and couples filing jointly can get a refund of $841. When you file Form 321, you will use our QCO code: 22358. 

DAMES Charities Inc. is a 501c3 and is the only organization of its kind dedicated to caring for the caregivers of differently-abled children and the overall emotional well-being of these families.

Thank you for opening your hearts and helping us to grow.

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