Stepping Stone Positive Parenting Program

Parents often experience problem behaviors at home and need to learn tools and strategies to help curb those behaviors. Stepping Stone Triple P is an evidence-based program designed to help parents raise a child with a disability. This 9-week program teaches caregivers techniques to help them with their child’s problem behaviors.

Its content is based on Applied Behavioral Analysis, Learning Theory, and research on Protective Factors. This course is ideal for parents who are waiting to get a diagnosis, have difficulties handling their child’s problem behaviors, and parents who want to forge a deeper bond with their child.

During this course, parents will learn to:

  • Engage and connect with their children
  • Track problem behaviors and discover what is causing them
  • Teach new skills and behaviors
  • Manage misbehaviors
  • Create routines using a variety of techniques

I’ve taken many parenting classes over the years, but what I loved about this class is that you put your learnings into action each week.  You will see measurable, significant differences in your parenting. It’s so rewarding to see the impact as your approach gets better over the weeks.  My kid(s) loved the new strategies we implemented, and over time we saw many of our daily challenges disappear.  Michele and Dr. Ficchi live and breathe the unique challenges we face as parents and truly get it.  Not only will you have their expertise and unwavering support, but you will love them both as people.  There was never any judgment on the issues raised in our class or the way we choose to parent.  It was truly a safe space to get real, actionable tools and support.  The small group structure really allowed us to connect and bond as parents as well as collaborate on ideas with each other.  I truly recommend this class for any parent, but it’s an amazing series for parents of differently abled children.- Lisa Khoshaba

Community members served:

Parents raising a child with a disability (ages 2-8) who are having difficulties with problem behaviors.

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