Autism Journey

In March a poem I wrote for my son was featured in the Autism Journey online magazine.  When my son was diagnosed with autism my friend turned me onto this short story called “Welcome to Holland”. My poem is a take on that short story and I am happy to announce that...

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Special Day for Special Kids

This event was beyond my expectations. Thank you Scottsdale Rotary Club for putting on this amazing event. Unsure of what to expect I brought with me 50 play-dohs and around 100 flyers. The play-dohs lasted 10 seconds and I barely had enough written material at the...

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TGen Rare Childhood Disorder Picnic

The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is an amazing organization focused on bringing bench research to the bedside. Making sure that lab work has a clinical application.  TGen’s Center for Rare Childhood Disorders is one way that they achieve this....

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Sensitive Santa

This holiday season the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix put on two Sensitive Santa Events. D.A.M.E.S. was happy to participate and provide a game and a craft. The lego car race is always a hit and is easy to take from event to event, but this time we wanted to do a...

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Latest News 2

Today I met with my web designer Illyssa Tussing and got a first look at the D.A.M.E.S. website. I couldn’t be happier with the result. The website is clean, easy to navigate and beautifully constructed. Hiring Illyssa is the best decision I have made for my company...

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Latest News 1

D.A.M.E.S. shared a booth with the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix at the Pendergast Color Run. It was a great event and we were so happy to be there. We connected with teachers and parents who work with or have children with autism. We would like to thank Starshine...

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Hello and welcome to the D.A.M.E.S. blog. The goal of this blog to chronicle the beginnings of this company, to reveal why D.A.M.E.S. was created and to document my life as a mother of two differently abled children Michele and D.A.M.E.S. The Differently Abled Mothers...

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