Dr. Gabrielle Ficchi- Co-Founder/COO

Dr. Gabrielle Ficchi identified as a disabled woman. She is a licensed therapist as well as a certified rehabilitation counselor. Gabrielle has 10 years of both teaching and counseling experience. She currently works as the CEO & Therapist at her therapy practice, New Perspectives LLC. Working to bring mental health services to the disability community & their families. She also works as an adjunct professor in both counseling & disability studies. She has taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Teaching courses in both rehabilitation and counselor education. Her specialty and research areas focus on disability adjustment both for individuals and families, independent living, resilience, and disability identity. She also works as a consultant and advocate for families on disability issues to help raise awareness around bettering the lives of disabled individuals in our community. Her passion is to advocate for equality and justice for the disability community. 


Practice Website- https://newperspectivesllc.org/ 

Dr. Ficchi’s resources for families – https://linktr.ee/Drgabrielleficchi  

Follow Dr. Ficchi on instagram for advice on parenting and disability @drgabrielleficchi

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