Webinar: Take Care of You

Parents of kids with autism, especially moms, are pretty good at survival. We do what we have todo, even if it is with a struggle and strain. Struggle and stress come at a cost and ultimately affect our health and ability to be there fully for our loved ones.

I firmly believe that deep down we would like to do more than survive, We would like to THRIVE. And the good news is, at our core, we all have within us everything we need to thrive.But we may be feeling too overwhelmed, tired, stressed, busy or confused to know where to begin and take the first step.

This webinar is devoted to Self Care but we will go deeper than that. Some things we will explore:

Where does your experience come from?
(Hint: it’s not where you may think)
The source of well being and resilience.
(Hint: There’s nothing you have to find outside yourself to experience these.)
Where do overwhelm and stress really come from?
(Hint: Again, not where you think.)
What are some tools that can help you be a better version of yourself?
You’re the best expert on you… what seems to help your busy mind slow down?

I will offer some different ways of understanding self care, some tools, and some support in knowing what feels right for you.

BIO: Gayle NobelGayle has been walking this walk for 35 years with her son who has severe autism. She has written 3 books on living well with autism. They focus on her experiences and rather than being child centered, they are parent centered. In her second book,Breathe: 52 Oxygen-Rich Tools forLoving and Living Well with Autism, she shares tools that can be done in 5 minutes or less.

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