Webinar: Self Care Strategies for the Whole Family

When the pandemic took hold in April of 2020, Melissa Nytkogave a webinar focused on Caring for Yourself and Your Kids During a Pandemic. Though this was targeted towards our community during the pandemic, the concepts and tools discussed in this webinar are universal. They can be applied and used anytime we or our children feel stressed. Towards the end, she shares some fantastic tools specifically designed to help our children self-regulate and self-sooth in stressful times. Below are links to some of the tools she describes in the webinar.

Bio:Melissa Nytko is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who currently works as a therapist and owns a Life Coach business in the Chicago suburbs. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish andPsychology from Illinois State University and Master’s Degree in Social Work fromArizona.State University in 1999. Upon her graduation from Arizona State University, Melissa continued her advocacy work for sexual abuse and domestic abuse survivors and their children. In 2005,Melissa earned an Illinois License in School Social Work and spent 14 years as a School Social.Worker serving elementary, middle, and high school students with special education needs.Melissa specializes in women’s issues, couples/marriage counseling, and teen anxiety/depression. Melissa believes in solid relationship building while also compassionately treating the whole person and the environment to enable change.

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