Tool: Rituals and Routines

For most of us, our children can be very rigid in their daily rituals and routines, and it can be difficult for us to relay that information to someone, especially if we have to do it quickly.

This chart is a great way to write down your child’s routines so that when you need to pass on that information, you can literally hand them a guide instead of telling them all the information and hope that they have retained it.

You can create sheets that describe your child’s morning routine, nighttime routine, or what they do when they get home from school. Having these done and ready to go can be extremely helpful if an emergency comes up and you need someone to watch your child for a couple of hours.

In the box on the left-hand side, you want to write down step by step what the routine looks like for your child. In the box on the top right-hand side, you can write what is essential to your child. Do they like to watch a certain show in the morning? Do they like to be covered with a certain blanket? Do they like to read a certain book at night? What can’t your child live without in that routine? The last box on the bottom right-hand side will be where you can identify the types of supports your child might need. Do they use certain utensils? Do they use a sippy cup? Do they need their AAC device next to their bed at night?

Hopefully, this sheet will help you communicate your child’s routines with other people in their life.


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