Webinar: Healthy Foundations

In this webinar, we will provide an introduction to sexual abuse prevention and tools caregivers can use to educate their children about sex and their changing bodies. Regardless of the fact that our children have an intellectual disability, a developmental disability, or a physical disability, they will still have hormonal changes that every other person has. This means that they will develop sexual feelings and the desire to express those. As a parent, we must provide them with tools and education so they can grow into happy adults who value themselves and know how to take care of their own body.

As caregivers we also have to ensure that we do all we can to prevent sexual abuse, by promoting sexual health, and sex education. Our goal is to empower caregivers with information that both helps keep kids safe while also allowing them to advocate for themselves and live a full life.


Hannah Woelke has been using her BA in Psychology to work in disability services in Tucson for over a decade. The majority of her experience involves managing DDD and VR contracts in service to individuals with developmental disabilities. She has presented multiple times at the AZ Annual Transition Conference, and frequently works with parent groups and provider agencies on understanding transition options and facilitating self-determination. Specifically, she enjoys empowering individuals to be their best selves and showing their supports how to facilitate that process. Hannah believes strongly that disability rights are human rights and that everyone deserves freedom of choice.

Courtney Deeren is a licensed associate counselor with a background in child and family therapy and childhood trauma. Her Masters Degree is in Rehabilitation Counseling in the field of Disability Studies, with a specialty in Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

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