Webinar: Fiscal Strategies

Raising a child with a disability comes with more complexities than raising a typical child, and a massive worry for parents is finances. How do we ensure that our children can get the proper care after we are gone? How can we ensure that our child will have some financial safety net after we are gone? Matthew Wells will talk about how you can create a comprehensive financial strategy and how to protect those assets for your loved one.

BIO: Three of Matt’s immediate family members were diagnosed with autism or traumatic brain injuries; Matt knows how important attention to detail in financial advising is for families with differently-abled children. Through education, networking, and creative, comprehensive financial strategies, he has helped many families navigate a pathway for their future and the future of their children. Matt’s favorite part of his work is watching the sense of security settle over his clients as he presents solutions. Practitioners of servant-leadership, Matt, and his team at Renaissance make others’ growth and well-being their priority.Please feel free to reach out to Matt via phone (623)282-9422 or email, Matt.Wells@rfconline.com

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