Tool: Circle of Friends

Sometimes children with disabilities have a difficult time identifying different levels of friendships or relationships. Our children can sometimes be overly affectionate to everyone, which is fine when they are two and cute, but a problem when they are 16.

This tool can help you help them differentiate levels of friendships and the types of physical intimacy that are appropriate for those levels.

1. In this circle are your intimate friendships-family or boyfriend, girlfriend relationships
2. In this circle are the friends that your child has outside of the family, or it could also include family that they donโ€™t see very often
3. In this circle are people that your child might do an activity with: teammates, boy/girl scout friends, etc.
4. In this circle are people that your child exchanges things with, like a cashier at the grocery store or a bank teller.

This tool will help your child visualize different levels of relationships and the appropriate types of interactions to have with each group.


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