Webinar: All About ABLE Accounts

The ABLE Act of 2014 offers more than eight million Americans with disabilities and their families the ability to establish a tax-advantaged ABLE savings account without fear of losing eligibility for certain public benefits, including health care, Supplemental Security Income payments, housing and food assistance. Many consider the ABLE Act the most significant federal legislation addressing the needs of people with disabilities since the passage of theAmericans with Disabilities Act. Unfortunately, less than one percent of eligible individuals and families have opened an ABLE account. Join this session to separate fact from fiction and understand how ABLE accounts work. We’ll talk about ABLE in easy-to-understand language using the national ABLEnow program as an example.

BIO:Gabriella (Gabby) Barnes serves as Marketing Associate for ABLEnow, the national tax-advantaged disability savings program administered by Virginia529. With accounts in all 50states, ABLEnow is one of the fastest-growing ABLE programs in the country. Gabby is honored to help build this entirely new financial product that can empower millions of Americans with disabilities to save for their future–just like everyone else. Gabby holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Hampton University and lives in Richmond, Va.

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