Individuals with disabilities and their family members are underserved in mental health spaces. It’s hard to go to a provider who does not understand the impact of disability. Having a counselor with a deep understanding of disability issues is vital for progress. This partnership helps create an understanding of disability to set and reach goals consistent with one’s ideal image and reach a point of self-acceptance. Families get a different level of support, and counseling can be focused on empowerment to encourage people to get more involved in their community and help in the long run to embrace disability, creating an overall better quality of life.

List of Counselors who embrace this philosophy: 

Therapist: Dr. Gabi Ficchi
Company: New Perspectives LLC 
Phone number: 520-276-9823


Therapist: Denise Baker
Company: Life Quest Counseling and Consulting
Phone number: 480-628-5695

Therapist: Kelsey Kjellsen 
Company: Just Be Counseling Services
Phone number: (970) 510-6911

Free Support Groups run by Dr. Ficchi and Courtney Deeren, LAC

Wednesday 9:30-10:30 Parents with children ages 13-older Register Here

Thursday 9:30-10:30 Parents with children ages 0-13 Register Here


Do you need therapy but cannot afford it? You can apply for a scholarship here


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