Create a One Page Intro for your Child

How to create a one page information guide for you child. Therapists and teachers go in and out of our children’s lives… almost like a revolving door. I can remember at one time we were juggling 3 doctors, 5 ABA therapist, 1 speech therapist, and 1 physical therapist....

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ABLE Accounts

ABLE (Achieving a Better Live Experience) accounts are a great resource for children and adults who have been diagnosed with a disability. It allows people with disabilities to keep more than $100,000.00 and still maintain their SSI benefits. When Matt and I had our...

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Guest Blog- The Isolation of Special Needs Parent

One of our members shared this blog post with the community. Thank you Denise Graham for sharing your feelings with us. I know many sympathize with the feels you shared with us. Thank you for expressing yourself freely and for showing others that they are not alone in...

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The Gender Gap

The Gender Gap Today we are honored to have our daughter Maria grace the cover the SARRC’s Outreach Magazine. She is the first girl to be on the cover since the magazine started in 2007. When Maria was diagnosed with autism we were shocked. Her autism looks nothing...

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How COVID-19 is affecting the Special Needs community.

The special needs community has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our children thrive on routines and this change in routines has been extremely difficult for them. Let’s look at the various ways this community has been impacted.  School...

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Building Inclusive Communities Part 2

The next part of his talk focused on how we support these adults and he gave us real world examples of how to pull them back into the community. First he said that we have to ask them what they want. When his company receives a new client they are given a folder...

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Building Inclusive Communities Part 1

The speaker on the second day was Kirk Hinleman and he has authored a book called Intentional Teaming. His goal is to move from system-centered thinking to a citizen-centered presence. That it was all well and good that we removed these people from an institution, but...

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The Independent Living Movement

On the first day of class, they brought in a self-advocate. I don’t think I have ever met a person with more abbreviations after her name. Dr. Ficchi is a self-advocate who focuses on setting the bar higher for people with disabilities and her dissertation is...

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