Programs and Projects

After the Diagnosis:

Denise Baker (MSC, LAC, NCC) and Michele Thorne (CAS) created the After the Diagnosis
series to help parents recover, re-align, and rediscover themselves and their lives after a child has been diagnosed with a disability.

During this 4-part series, participants will learn how:

  • to find meaning in the most challenging parts of their parenting journey
  • their thoughts influence emotions and behaviors
  • to take control of their thoughts to establish a new mindset
  • simple tips and strategies to make time for self-care
  • create goals for them and their child
  • to identify stress before it takes over

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Stepping Stones Positive Parenting Program (SSTP):

Stepping Stones Triple P is an evidence-based program designed to help parents raising a child
with a disability. This 6-week (in-person) 12-week (online) program teaches caregivers techniques to help them with their child’s problem behaviors. Its content is based on Applied Behavioral Analysis, Learning Theory, and research on Protective Factors. This course is ideal for parents who are waiting to get a diagnosis, have difficulties handling their child’s problem behaviors, and parents who want to forge a deeper bond with their child.

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